PC Tune-Up

Just $150.00 - Includes 1 year of Malwarebytes premium

Virus & Malware Removal, Windows repair, Windows Updates & Patches, Hardware Diagnostics and much more.

PC Tune Up
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Fortinet Partner
Hardware Diagnostics Tests major hardware components in your system.
Virus & Malware Removal Removal of viruses and malware, that cause slowness, pop-ups, error messages and much more.
Repair Windows OS Repair corrupted/damaged Windows System Files.
Update & Patch Windows Perform Windows Updates and Patches, with current updates for Windows 10 & 11
System Clean Up Clean up temp files, and reset critical system settings.
Install & Activate Protection Install & Activate Malwarebytes Premium, with 1 Year subscription.
Report Findings Furnish report of findings and actions taken, invoice and license key for Malwarebytes Premium.

Add on services

Solid State Drive (SSD)

Harddrives are a very old technology.  If your system has a spindle-based drive, it is highly reccomended that you consider an upgrade to SSD.  Dollar for dollar this is the single best upgrade you can do for your system.  This single upgrade can increase your boot time to just seconds, increase battery life and significatnly boost application and over all perfromance.  We will let you know if your system qualifies.

Memory Upgrade (RAM)

Often times computers can run slowly because they do not have enough system memory (RAM) to run programs efficiently.   As software is updated it often demands more memory, so what may have been enough when you bought your computer several years ago, may no longer be enough.  Memory upgrades offer a cost effective option to replacing a system.  We will let you know if your system could benefit from a RAM upgrade.